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GDPR Compliant Data Capture

  • Player name and email (100% opt-in)
  • Dwell time statistics
  • First party data from 1,000’s of user’s answers for market research and sentiment analysis
  • Social share and ad click stats
  • Demographics, geographic location, device and browser type

NEW! Interactive Rich Media Quizzes

  • Deployable as an interactive quiz within a rich media ad unit
  • Full ad tracking and data capture
  • Up to 2 minutes dwell time and 95% quiz completion rates
  • Direct placement of quiz within a media buy
  • We build the quiz, generate the ad tag and deploy into your ad server
  • HTML5 IAB compliant

The QuizWizard’s Magic

  • Guaranteed 2 minute interaction time and very low bounce rates
  • Prizes – encourages very high sign up rates – allowing you to identify and retarget new and existing qualified users
  • Skill – bragging rights – bonus points – social sharing – organic growth
  • Gamified – multiple-choice image questions – fast scoring – timers – leaderboards

True Gamification

The proliferation of Gamification in the ‘Fan Engagement World” is what has led Quiz Wizards (fully GDPR Compliant) to become one of the most exceptional solutions in the digital marketplace today. As a fully developed fan engagement platform, Quiz Wizards delivers what virtually no other product can:


Up to 2 minutes spent engaged with the fan.
Even video struggles to deliver that!


Fans develops a close and meaningful relationship that can last for years based on these interactions.

Market Research / Sentiment Analysis Data

  • Market research and sentiment analysis from 1,000’s of users answers
  • Build in a product / brand related question. Users will give up valuable first party data when having fun


Managed Solution

  • Fully customizable quiz set-up, with branded imagery and color scheme
  • Question setting option and consultation with our creative team
  • Bespoke tech builds and quiz functionality
  • Fully automated quiz including winners and placings
  • Custom creative
  • Training and tech support

The Challenge


Endless competition against billions of digital users in the ‘Attention Economy’


Brand’s can’t identify audience individually - or associate an email address with a social/content user


Difficulty converting social/digital users to paying customers

Exponentially grow your engagement and learn about your customer


We use gamification to improve user experience and engagement, no matter the audience, the context, or the industry, helping to create positive, meaningful and emotional connections with your consumer

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