• Providing tools, enabling you to access the billions of social media users in a new way, giving you the edge on the competition.
  • Form longstanding relationships with customers by engaging them with a unique experience. Build organic reach as they share within their social networks.
  • Take the pain out of content creation by providing a fun, digital experience for your audience in the form of a fast & exciting quiz.

We’re riding a wave of global buzz; a wide range of organizations, the media, and users are raving about our compelling product and its’ benefits.

Market Research & Sentiment Analysis Data

  • Quiz Wizards fun engaging platform, delivers large amounts of usable data
  • Market research and sentiment analysis from 1,000’s of users answers
  • Build in a product or brand related question, to see how well your customers know you
  • Users give up valuable first party data while having fun with your brand
  • Craft future campaign messaging based on user responses
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Data Analysis

Data Export
  • Gather GDPR compliant demographic information about your fans and prospects.
  • Learn who is engaging with your brand, so you can reach out with meaningful content
  • Build lists for CRM cleanse and update
  • All players opt-in to hear more from you on special offers, events or upcoming activities.
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Managed Solution

  • Fully customizable quiz set-up, with branded imagery and colour scheme
  • Question setting options based on consultation with our creative team
  • Bespoke tech builds and quiz functionality design options
  • Fully automated skills based quiz displaying winners and leader-board placement
  • Custom creative
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