Question; Can I use Quiz Wizards on my own Website?

Answer: Quiz Wizards offers an embedded version of our quiz that you can install on your own site to attract visitors.


Question: How is your Rich Media solution Deployed?

Answer: Rich Media is deployed as a creative asset in any HTML5  IAB compliant ad server, such as Google Ad Manager.


Question: Does Quiz Wizards capture data from the players?

Answer: All of the data collected is fully GDPR compliant, meaning the player must opt-in to participate


Question: Is there a limit to the number of players or fans I can engage with?

Answer: Currently there are no limits to the amount of players or fans you can engage with.


Question: Do you share the data with 3rd parties?

Answer: Quiz Wizards does not share any data with 3rd parties other than the brand and the publisher that ran the campaign.


Question: How long to set up and launch a campaign?

Answer: Upon receipt of the creative assets and the topics for the questions, in most cases, the campaign can be launched in 48 hours.


Question; Can I set up and run the quizzes myself?

Answer: Using our self-service dashboard you can build and run the quizzes yourself.


Question: How do you offer support for Quiz Wizards clients?

Answer: Quiz Wizards offers online support and also direct support through your personal account manager.