Station Groups Best Practices

Quiz Wizards delivers options for local, regional and national stations to reach their audiences with the ability to drive engagement and enhance the listener experience. Whether you are looking for new listeners to add to your current audience, or striving for new ways to keep the current audience engaged we have a solution.

There are multiple options  for station groups to enhance their listeners experience:

  • Quizzes that relate to current topics
  • Quizzes that offer prizes related to their specific interests
  • Quizzes that deliver enhanced relationships with a specific set of brands
  • Quizzes that share listener’s thoughts and ideas about programming content

If you ask a question about something that occurred on the radio, versus telling them about something that happened, you will get that persons attention. For example, if I tell you that there are 29 days in February during a leap year, most people will ignore that, but if you ask how many days in February in a leap year, they will think about it, and want to answer. That is how you get an audience to be drawn to your message.

The most common type of Quiz Wizards quiz  will provide a complete data set about the players. Most stations work with a sponsor in order to make the user experience offer real value in terms of the prizes they can win. When stations share the competition with a sponsor, the information collected from those players provides valuable insights into their target audience for both parties, since the players opt-in to provide their data.

For station groups we suggest that you partner with a sponsor that your sales team is working with. The sponsor will get the added visibility, plus all the data analytics associated with that player, (age, gender, location, device type, interests and more).

We offer a way for Station Groups to generate revenue and deliver valuable offers to their advertisers.