The Credit Union Schools Quiz

The Credit Union Schools Quiz

The Nationwide Schools Quiz has been an Irish institution for 28 years. Testing children every year on a variety of topics, with a resulting grand finale taking place in Dublin to crown that year’s top Quiz Master.

In 2019, the Credit Union of Ireland looked to reconnect with past participants (approx. 575,000 +18). For them we created a warm and nostalgic feeling with past participants of the Schools Quiz, which, in turn, lead to positive associations of the Credit Union.

The Credit Union Schools Legends Quiz

The Credit Union has been running the Quiz initiative for 28 years and still going strong. In almost  3 decades, as the quiz questions have changed, each year has presented its own unique challenges.

By looking back over the history of the quiz, the Credit Union pulled out the toughest of the tough questions.  The ones that only Ireland’s best and brightest could answer!

These questions were hosted directly on  Paid social media and earned media (contestant shares, branch shares) drove visits and participants.

When the dust had settled,  the top 5 on the leaderboard  were invited to the RDS finale in April!

How Did it Work?

Working with the team at the Credit Union, the questions were uploaded and the central quiz was hosted on and shared through their branch social channel network (mobile or desktop).

Broken into three ‘stages’, contestants were challenged with three sets of questions (9, 9 and 10), with their score recognized in a national leader board.

After we had released all 28 questions, the top five contestants were invited to the Credit Union Legends Quiz.

Please note that data we captured on each contestant was for follow-up communication. The quiz was owned by the Credit Union and can updated and used each year if required.

Traffic to the quiz was driven through paid social media and earned reach.

GDPR Compliance

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When users participated in the game, we made them aware of the following:

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